Vision, Mission & Aims

Vision statement of the Department of Public Governance

The vision of the Department of Public Governance is to ensure academic service excellence by being a leading knowledge service provider of transferring knowledge (teaching), generating knowledge (research) and community service for the governance capacity building needs in the public sector in SA.

Mission statement of the Department of Public Governance

The mission of the Public Governance Programmes is to strengthen capacity in public management and governance through the promotion of research, teaching, Batho Pele, visionary expertise and leadership.

In line with the university and Faculty’s mission, we aspire to provide:

  • High quality basic and applied research
  • High quality learner support
  • High quality course materials
  • High quality post-graduate supervision
  • Excellent and motivated academic staff
  • Accredited community capacity-building training programmes
  • Regular professional academic scholarship
  • Innovative and appropriate technological support; and
  • Quality teaching and administrative support

Aim of the Department of Public Governance

This will be achieved by providing structured theoretical and co-operative career-orientated education and training in Public Administration, Public Management and Public Governance from undergraduate to doctoral level within the wider University and Faculty missions and values.

General Information

The Department of Public Governance operates both on the Auckland Park Kingsway and Soweto Campuses of the University of Johannesburg.

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