About the Department of Psychololgy

 About the Department of Psychololgy

Vision Statement

The Department of Psychology at the University of Johannesburg endeavours to develop Psychology as both a service profession and academic discipline within the University and the local communities as well as within the wider national and international arena.

Mission Statement

We aim to achieve this by:

Offering students an outstanding education in the discipline and profession of psychology that prepares them to deal with challenges and opportunities at all levels of society as well as on the personal, interpersonal and psychological levels of existence;

Facilitating the development of a management structure within the Department that is characterized by democracy, transparency, respect and accountability;

Encouraging members of staff in their career development through the mobilization of resources, providing a supportive infrastructure to promote high-quality, peer-reviewed research and its publication, as well as supporting staff to attend relevant academic conferences and workshops;

Developing a culture of first-rate scholarship and learning for both staff and students and the establishment of excellent teaching practice and productive student-staff relationships;

Positioning the Department as a member of a world class African University within a world class city that seeks to support staff and students to engage with local communities through research, teaching, skills development and various programme implementation activities;

Positioning the Department as a non-discriminatory organization that attracts top quality staff and students;

Undertaking to increase the national and international reputation of the Department and the University by collaborating with international academics and professionals in teaching and research;

Pursuing appropriate policies that promote the development of a Department that seeks to maintain a social, ethical and political responsibility towards the growth of the discipline of Psychology.

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