Departmental Application Procedures

 Departmental Application Procedures

Areas of Postgraduate Supervision

Please note that for MA and PhD study substantive original primary research is a requirement. Unfortunately the department does not usually have access to resources to support primary research outside South Africa. Here is a list of topics which staff are prepared to supervise postgraduate students in​. Click here for more information

Honours Programme
Anyone interested in applying for our honours programme should contact the head of department, Prof. Natasha Erlank (, by no later than November of the previous year.
The first meeting of the year for all honours students will take place around mid-January of the year in which students register. The seminar programme normally gets underway before undergraduate lectures begin in February.
Anyone who has 65% or above for Historical Studies 3A and 3B and who has successfully completed their Bachelor's degree may apply. 
Masters and Doctoral Programmes
Students interested in registering for a higher level degree (MA or Doctoral) should contact our graduate coordinator, Dr Nafisa Essop Sheik (
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