About Us

 About Us

We offer a full range of innovative courses (see programmes) for all levels, from introductory French for beginners to postgraduate programmes for advanced students.

Our well-established record of research and publication (see research) provides wide opportunities for students to register for research degrees (MA or PHD) by thesis.

The department’s partners include the following:

The French Embassy in Southern Africa
The Alliance Française de Johannesburg (http://www.alliancefrançaise.org .za)
Association for French studies in Southern Africa (AFSSA), (http//:www.afssa.org.za)
The Fédération Internationale de Professeurs de français (FIPF) (http//:www.fipf.fr.)
The French Speaking University Agency (AUF) (http://www.auf.org) of which UJ is an associate member.

These partnerships open up numerous opportunities for research, workshops, bursaries and assistantships (see fees and bursaries)

Career opportunities with French:

• Translation and Interpreting
• Teaching (in schools and universities)
• Tourism
• Diplomatic service

Career opportunities for which the knowledge of French is an asset:

• Liaison and public relations
• Journalism
• Radio and television broadcasting
• Audio-visual production companies
• Advertising
• Publishing
• The legal profession
• Civil service
• Business
• Bank and insurance companies
• Art and architecture
• Literature
• Research


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