Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities

 Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities


​"I am delighted to be appointed as Executive Dean. My hope is to be a “Scholar Dean” who maintains an active intellectual life alongside management and leadership roles. This is not solely a selfish ambition. I believe that the great challenge facing modern universities is building a bridge between worlds that have grown quite distant: the world of professional academia, and the corporate, social and political worlds. It is tempting to pick one of the latter and it the “real” world. But that is not accurate. Today’s reality is tomorrow’s mirage, as ongoing financial and political crises around the globe show. We are constantly reminded that we understand much less than we think. Academia—the rigorous, disciplined study of questions even when their answers are not required for any immediate purpose—has much to offer the “real” world. The broad range of disciplines falling within the Faculty of Humanities are particularly rich in insights, context, and ideas that apply directly to some of the most troubling and perplexing developments of our time. My hope is that, as a Faculty, we can leverage UJ’s unique position as a nimble and ambitious young university to reach out into these other worlds and make them, not only better, but more interesting and intellectually exciting. And I believe that we can have fun doing it."

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