Mopane 2006 Conference Abstracts

 Mopane 2006 Conference Abstracts


Held at the Mopani Camp, Kruger National Park, Limpopo Province, South Africa, August 6 - 9, 2006

Excerpt taken from the Conference Proceedings cover:

The International Organizing Committee, The Local Organizing Committee and the Optometric Science Research Group welcome you to Mopane 2006 and thank you for attending the conference. We hope you will find this conference very rewarding and will also enjoy sights and sounds of the Kruger National Park. About fifteen years ago, Professor WF Harris established the Optometric Science Research Group with the purpose of promoting the development of optometric research and science. Other early founding members included DJ Malan and Professor A Rubin. Since the OSRG was started several scientific papers (over 250) have been published in peer reviewed journals and more than fourteen postgraduate students have received masters and doctoral degrees. In 1996 the first Mopane Conference was held at the same venue and the theme was Refraction and Keratometry: The Mathematics and Statistics. In 2003 the second Mopane Conference was again held at Mopani Camp and the theme was Astigmatism, Aberrations and Vision. Both were very successful conferences but we hope that Mopane 2006 will be even better. Enjoy your stay and we hope to see you again at the next Mopane Conference!

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International Organising Committee

Local Organising Committee


Acosta, Eva and Blendowske, Ralf: Astigmatic wavefronts in augmented step-along method for vergences

Applegate, Raymond A: High Order Root Mean Squared Wavefront Error as a Function of Age and Luminance for Physiologic Pupil Diametersa

Artal, Pablo; Benito, Antonio and Tabernero, Juan: The eye as an example of a robust optical system

Artal, Pablo; Manzanera, Silvestre; Prieto, Pedro and Ayala, Diego:An adaptive optics visual simulator to search for presbyopic corrections

Barbero, Sergio; Rubinstein, Jacob and Thibos, Larry N: The Relative Importance of Slopes and Curvature: A Hybrid Approach to Wavefront Reconstruction Using a Hartmann-Shack Waveront Sensor

Becken, Wolfgang:Ray-tracing versus Wave-Tracing: Generalized Method for Computing the Magnification Matrix of Spectacle Lenses

Cardoso, JR and Harris, WF: Transformations of Ray Transferences of Optical Systems to Augmented Hamiltonian Matrices

Carmona, Y; Talmic, A; Vidala, C and Ribaka, EN:Comparative study of Hartmann-Shack reconstruction methods

Chamadoira, Sara and Acosta, Eva: Hole Diffraction Interferometer (HDI) for Characterisation of Optical Aberrations of Interaocular Lenses (IOL's)

Gillan, WDH:
Antistigmatic accommodation

Harris, WF: Power Vectors versus Power Matrices, and the Mathematical Nature of Dioptric Power

Harris, WF:Quantitative analysis of transformed ray transferences of optical systems in a space of augmented Hamiltonian matrices

Harris, WF:The Pseudo-Conical Surface of Tilted Powers of a Stigmatic Thin Lens

Heath, WH and Harris, WF: Eyes, Diving Masks and Linear Optics

Jacobs, RJ; Warren, DF; Thibos, LN; Copland, J and Nea DR: Bias in the Measurement of Spherical Refractive Error for Infrared Light

MacKenzie, Graeme E: Quaternions and the Clifford algebra in visual optics

Mathebula, SD; Rubin, A and Harris, WF:
Quantitative analysis in Hamiltonian space of the ray transference of a cornea

Misson, Gary P:Haidinger’s brushes and ocular retardation: a psychophysical method for determining central corneal retardation

Misson, Gary P: Human corneal stromal lamellar organization: a polarized light study

Parker, Katrina E; Weikert, Mitchell P; Marsack, Jason D; Koch, Douglas D;

Applegate, Raymond A:
Stability of wavefront error after blink in LASIK patients

Rubin, Alan: Colour Pseudo-space and Colour Vision Deficiency

Rubin, Alan and Harris, WF: Surfaces of Tilted Power in Symmetric Dioptric Power Space

Rubinstein, J and Wolansky, G: The least action principle and phase sensing

Sehlapelo, RR and Oduntan, AO:
Effect of optical defocus (optical blur) on colour perception

Sheedy, Jim: Optical Curricula in Optometry Schools and Colleges - are we properly preparing students for private practice?

Smith, George: How Accurately can we Measure Refractive Error and Visual Acuity

Smith, George:
The structure of the crystalline lens: its measurement and optical significance

Smith, George; Ashman, Ross; Daaboul, Mary; Bedggood, Philip and Metha, Andrew: Limits to the Aberration Correction of the Eye

Thibos, Larry and Bradley, Arthur: The effect of focus criterion on retinal image quality in the normal eye

Thibos, Larry; Coe, Charles; Ravikumar, Sowmya and Bradley, Arthur: Wavefront analysis and chromatic aberration

van den Berg, Thomas JTP: Measurement of Retinal Straylight

Van der Heijde, RGL and Sicam, VADP: Unraveling the skew ray ambiguity in corneal topography

Vazquez, Daniel and Acosta, Eva: Implementation of a Tomographic Method for the Experimental Retrieval of the Refractive Index Distribution of Porcine Lenses

Zommer, S and Ribak, EN: Adaptive optics almost without wave front sensing


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