Doctoral Degree

 Doctoral Degree

DCur: Research Methodology 

Six Day Programme

This programme is a prerequisite for doctoral studies in the Department of Nursing Sciences, University of Johannesburg, Auckland Park campus.

Course Description

This programme focuses on Research Methodology and Theory Development to enable students to make an original contribution with their theses towards the body of knowledge in Nursing Science.


This qualification is necessary in order to provide South Africa with a cadre of leaders in nursing who are able to provide guidance and anticipate new developments as well as ensuring that existing research is implemented.

This programme provides qualifying learners with advanced critical, analytical, problem-solving and reflective competencies for the nursing specialist to act as a leader and consultant in health services and to make an original contribution to the knowledge content of the discipline through independent research. Qualifying learners should display insight into the subject discipline and in research. This should include competence in the oral and written communication of the research process and findings.

Teaching Method

A Constructivist learning approach is followed. This means that the Nursing Science Educator accepts responsibility for creating a learning context that promotes learning. Students are expected to participate actively in the structured discussions. This implies that thorough preparation is expected of every student.

Entrance Assessment Selection Criteria

600 approved credits at NQF 8A level are entrance prerequisites.

A Master's qualification in Advanced Nursing Science/Professional Practise. Learners intending to enrol for a doctoral degree must have obtained a minimum of 65% in the completed master's programme.

The second option for entering the first year: a Master's degree in Advanced Nursing Science.

Learners who do not comply with the first option of 65% in the Master’s degree may register for the doctoral programme of study for non-degree purposes and obtain 60% in this programme.

Students are required to submit a research proposal on the first day of the programme. The research problem, research questions and the objective of their proposed study should be included in the research proposal.

Target Group

This programme is aimed at:

• prospective DCur students;
• post-doctoral nurses;
• any nurse leader who requires professional development in Nursing Science. 

Choice of Doctoral Programmes

Doctoral programmes in Nursing Sciences are offered in the following fields of specialisation:

• Professional Nursing Science: Nursing Management.
• Professional Nursing Science: Nursing Education.
• Medical and Surgical Nursing Science: Critical Care Nursing (General).
• Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing Science.
• Advanced Psychiatric Nursing.
• Primary Health Care Clinical Nursing Science, Diagnosis, Treatment and Care.
• Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Science.

  • Community Health Nursing
  • Occupational Health Nursing

Registration Details

Enquiries about the registration fees may be addressed to:
Mrs J Vlok – +27 (0)11 559 2294

Last Day of Registration: 31 August 2010

Application forms can be obtained from:
University of Johannesburg
C/o Kingsway & University Road
Auckland Park, Johannesburg
Faculty of Education and Nursing Sciences,
Department of Nursing Sciences
B Ring 219

Completed application forms can be mailed to:

Mrs J Vlok
Department of Nursing Sciences
University of Johannesburg
PO Box 524
Auckland Park

Application forms are available at

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