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·         Gold Output: 112 Tons / Year.
·         Total Cash Costs: R 165 000 / KG.
·         Notional Cash Expenditure = OPEX + CAPEX = R 247 000 / KG.
·         Gold Price: R 300 000 / KG.
·         During 2010 October – December, operations suspended for 3 days,   following 2 fatals.


Assets: Kazakhstan, USA, Australia.
2010 Production rose by 106 %.

Mining Engineering
The Department is the only contact institution offering formal tuition towards the National Diploma and Bachelor of Technology mining engineering programmes, and is uniquely career-focused.

It is closely aligned with the mining industry and mining organisations in South Africa, enabling many students to link with potential employers prior to graduation.

The Department is involved with the ongoing development of mining education within UJ as well as more broadly, running professional development courses for industry and providing technical expertise outside of South Africa for the development of mining education in southern Africa.

Graduates have the knowledge to run production sections of mines at managerial level and to make technical contributions to the economic and operational aspects of mining. They are trained to select and manage the correct method of mining in specific geological environments.

Programmes offered by the Department are currently accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

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