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 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology

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2014 SA Shell ECO-Marathon Awards Ceremony

On behalf of University of Johannesburg's (UJ) Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment's Executive Dean, Professor Saurabh Sinha, congratulations to the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon participating and winning teams! 
Thank you for helping Shell and UJ showcase science, engineering and technology innovation capabilities in South Africa, Nigeria and the continent. Thank you to Shell for selecting UJ as the collaborator of choice and the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering for hosting a successful event!

The Department specialises in Computer Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering technology programmes. 

Computer Systems Engineering Technicians provide professional, technical and developmental support to companies with the computer industry. They are employed within engineering, communications, and information processing and control environments. Responsibilities include hardware design, software engineering including programming, network maintenance, design and development of embedded systems. 

Electrical Engineering technicians apply technical knowledge, engineering principles and problem-solving techniques in the field of electrical engineering, working closely with all members of the engineering team. Electrical Engineers design, manufacture, install and maintain equipment that generates or uses electrical energy. 

Electronic engineering professionals are employed by telecommunications companies and increasingly in the cellular phone and space communication industries. A technician will typically conduct maintenance and installation of telecommunications systems

The field of electronics, computers and communication is dynamic, affecting every facet of our daily lives. An engineering technology qualification within these disciplines provides rewarding career opportunities as electronic and computer engineering technicians and technologists. ​Successful graduates are highly sought-after. 

Head of Department: Mr Dennis Du Plooy​
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