Dr Macalane Junel Malindi

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  Doctor of Philosophy        
Institution:   North-West University        
Title (if applicable):   The antecedents of resilience among street children        
Supervisor (if applicable):   Prof. L. C. Theron


At-risk and vulnerable youth resilience


Theron, L. C., Liebenberg, L. & Malindi, M. J. (2013). When schooling experiences are respectful of children’s rights: A pathway to resilience. School Psychology International. DOI: 10.1177/0142723713503254. 

Malindi, M. J. (2014). Exploring the roots of resilience among female street-involved children in South Africa. Journal of Psychology, 5(1)35-45

Malindi, M. J. (2014) Swimming upstream in the midst of adversity: exploring resilience-enablers among street children. Journal of Social Sciences, 39(3): 265-274

Malindi, M. J. & Cekiso, P.M. (2014). Exploring the lived experiences of children-of-the-street in uMthatha. Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology.

Makoelle, TM & Malindi, MJ. 2014. Resilience: a framework for inclusive pedagogy in a South African context. International Education Review.

Makoelle, TM. & Malindi, MJ. 2014. Multi-Grade Teaching and Inclusion: Selected Cases in the Free State Province of South Africa. International Journal of Educational Sciences, 7(1)77-86.

Courses taught in the past:


  • Educational Psychology           
  • Inclusive Education           
  • Life Orientation           
  • Life Skills


  • Educational Psychology (Honours)
  • Inclusive Education (Honours)           
  • Life Orientation (Honours)
  • Research (Honours)

Courses to be taught this year:


  • Life Orientation
  • Learning Area Methodology


  • Life Orientaion
  • Research (Honours)

M. Mothibe             Teenage pregnancy in South African schools: from vulnerability to empowerment     
R. Sekhoetsane       The stress of teenage motherhood: the need for multi-faceted intervention programs
N. Machenjedze     An exploration of the roots of resilience among HIV and Aids-orphaned children
LA Molahlehi​          The views of street childre​n on how streetism can be prevented

N. G. Mashicolo      Understanding streetism from the street children’s perspectives: a qualitative study     
I. Makue                  Suicide prevention in South African schools

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