BCom Accounting

 BCom Accounting

EF. 21   BCOM (ACCOUNTING) (BCG014)                            Full time                   


HEQSF LEVEL 7/NQF LEVEL 6                                                         HEQSF/ NQF CREDITS: 392
This qualification is primarily designed to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge base for identifying, analysing, evaluating and solving problems in the following underlying  core modules: accounting; auditing; taxation and financial management.
Students should be able to reflect on their decisions and applications in these fields to assess the effect thereof in the holistic context of accounting as a practice. 

Faculty of Economic and Financ Sciences BCom Accounting 


The curriculum below allows admission to the BCom Honours (Accounting or  Internal Auditing or  Taxation) programme. It is recommended for students who want to specialise in Internal Auditing or Taxation.

Accounting 1A – REK1A01
Accounting 1B – REK1B01
Introductory Mathematical Analysis A -MAA00A1
Financial Management 1B – BSR1B01
Business Management 1A – BMA1A01
Business Management 1B – BMA1B01
Commercial Law 1A – KMR1A11
Commercial Law 1B – KMR1B21
Economics 1A – EKN1A01
Economics 1B – EKN1B01
Accounting 2A – REK2A01
Accounting 2B – REK2B01
Ethical Foundations to Commerce 2A – EFC2A01
Governance and Control 2B – GAC2B01
Business Information Systems 2A – BIS2A01*
Business Information Systems 2B – BIS2B01
Commercial Law 2C – KMR2C21
Taxation 2A – BEL2A01
Financial Management 2A – BSR2A01
Financial Management 2B – BSR2B01
Accounting 3AB – REK3AB0
Governance and Control 3AB – GAC3AB0
Financial Management 3A – BSR3A01
Financial Management 3B – BSR3B01
Taxation 3A – BEL3A01
Taxation 3B – BEL3B01
*The Faculty allows students to write a ‘Recognition of prior learning (RPL)’ exam for Business Information Systems (BIS2A01). On passing this RPL exam the student would have proved that (s)he has the required expertise for BIS2A01 and will there for be granted a credit for the module.
If a student wishes to write the RPL exam (s)he needs to register for both BIS2A01 (the academic module) as well as for BIS2A00 (the RPL exam) and will be debited for the relevant fees for both. On passing BIS2A00 (s)he will be granted a credit for BIS2A01 and will be credited with the relevant fee for BIS2A01. If a student fails the RPL exam (BIS2A00) (s)he will be remain registered for BIS 2A01 and will not be refunded the fee for the RPL exam (BIS2A00).  Also note that a fail on the RPL exam (BIS2A00) will be reflected as such on the student’s academic transcript.
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