Department of Mining

 Department of Mining

Programme: Mining Engineering

University of Johannesburg is the only contact institution that provides formal tuition towards a formal National Diploma and Bachelor of Technology Degree in Mining Engineering programmes. The programmes are carefully designed, uniquely career focused and aligned with mining industry and mining organization across South Africa. 

Scope of Work​​

Mine management is focused on the extraction of minerals from an ore-body safely and economically while meeting mine financial targets. In addition to specialist mining knowledge and engineering expertise, a mining engineer requires good interpersonal skills and strong business acumen. 

Career Opportunities

Mining Engineering is a combination of several areas of expertise. It involves organizing, operating and monitoring mining processes in conjunction with environmental protection and health and safety requirements for underground working conditions. Through technological advancements, the industry has improved production levels and safety whilst simultaneously managing environmental impact. Strategic industry relations provides a platform for graduate exposure to potential employers and work integrated learning opportunities. 

Head of Department: Dr Andre Dougall​


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