Do you know what you want to be? You could find the answer to this question amongst the many National Diploma courses offered at UJ. The options are vast. At the University of Johannesburg we offer you internationally respected and accepted career specific National Diplomas, which not only means a tertiary qualification from a world-class university, but also a qualification that is suited to the needs of employers who need you to hit the ground running.  

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What is a National Diploma?

A National Diploma is career-focused and  directly linked to a specific career field. So, for example should you study a National Diploma in Hospitality Management you will have the option of becoming a Hotel Manager, Food and Beverage Manager or Executive Chef depending on what you specialize in. In With a National Diploma you are required, before you graduate, to do a period of in-service training at an accredited company where you will get hands-on experience to add to your theoretical knowledge.  

What is the difference between a degree and a diploma?

Degrees are traditionally offered at Universities and consist of subjects from various fields, enabling you to tailor your studies to your own interests and career plans. Usually

this type of qualification has to be followed by additional postgraduate studies in order to prepare you for a career in a specific field. A general curriculum may be followed

in order to obtain a Bachelor of Arts (BA), or Bachelor of Science (BSc), or Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree. A degree has a more theorectical and less practical basis. 

National Diplomas offered at UJ 

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Architectural Technology

Clothing Management


Fine Art

Three-dimensional Design

Interior Design

Jewelry Design and Manufacture



Faculty of Engineering and The Built Environment

Extraction metallurgy

Civil Engineering Technology

Construction Management and Quantity Surveying

Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology

Chemical Engineering Technology

Metallurgy Engineering

Industrial Engineering Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mining Engineering

Mine Surveying

Town and regional planning


Faculty of Health Sciences

Biomedical Technology

Radiography Diagnostic

Radiography Nuclear Medicine

Radiography Therapy

Environmental Health


Sport Management


Faculty of Management

Business Information Technology

Hospitality Management

Tourism Management

Small Business Management

Human Resource Management

Logistics Management


Marketing Management

Retail Business Management

Transportation Management


Faculty of Economic and Financial Science



Credit management

Financial Information Systems


Faculty of Humanities

Public Relations and Communication


Faculty of Science

Analytical Chemistry


Food Technology

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