Student Representative Council

Each year in September the students of the various campuses, elect a campus SRC for the particular campus comprising eleven members. The campus SRC of each campus is primarily responsible for representing students of the particular campus and for organising activities on the particular campus.

Each campus SRC nominates two members to serve on the UJSRC. The UJSRC may be described as the SRC for the University as a whole and acts as the legal representative of the student community.

The objectives of UJSRC are:

  • to represent and act in the interest of the student community at all times;
  • to promote and uphold the principles of the UJSRC;
  • to be committed to the process of fundamental transformation of the University of Johannesburg;
  • to ensure that the right to access to education is restored, protected and preserved;
  • to ensure that no student is discriminated against on the basis of colour, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, age, culture, language, birth, pregnancy, marital status, disability, conscience belief or political inclination.
  • to support students and student organisations by creating forums to achieve common goals;
  • to encourage and support the development of efficient student governance through maximum participation and co-operation between the different levels of student governance;
  • to uphold and support the vision, mission and strategic goals of the University;
  • to promote academic diligence and excellence among students.


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